Principal of the THE-HE Vietnamese Language Centre

My name is Van TRAN, principal of the THE-HE Vietnamese Language Centre.
After nearly 20 years’ imprisonment , I was welcomed to Australia with refugee status at the end of 1989.
Landing in Australia, my legs were dragging on the ground from the result of maltreatment in my P.O.W. time.
Only coming to Australia that I gained a real new life, having the opportunity to start the “THE-HE Vietnamese Language Centre” to develop the Musical Descriptive Method, Rhythmic Reading With Illustrative Expression. I also had chances to join codes on the internet to make programs for the interactive whiteboard, android tablet and iPad for use in the THE-HE school.
I feel really lucky for landing on this land of honey. My ideas of a man who had been isolated with the world were welcomed and encouraged with Victorian Multicultural Commission and federal grants.
The THE-HE school’s offsite projects are Living In Harmony, Proud To Be Australian, Australian Identity, and Cultural Exchanges in libraries . . . I have dreamed for the unity of my own people, a bright future for Vietnam and longed for Australia’s prosperity.

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