Koori Pre-school Assistant

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I’m Tina Thompson and I’m currently living in Rochester. My dad’s Nyungar and him and Mum moved over in the ’70s, so…yeah.

Had me in 1973 in Melbourne. I’m employed by Njernda Aboriginal Corporation in Echuca. I’m a Koori pre-school assistant. I’ll go in and just see how you are with our children, and how you’re forming that nurturing, supportive relationship with the child and how you’re feeling their sense of belonging. I volunteer at EDNA, so Echuca District Netball Association.

I love netball, I do. And I love the kids. Kids are my passion, like, with my work.

Just to see them grow and see them be happy and see them accomplish, you know? And proud to be in this community. I’ve just been so embraced. I was meant… The spirits put me here. I was meant to be here, because so much good stuff has happened to me.

Everyone should contribute to Victoria just to keep it alive, to keep it going.

I’m Tina, I’m Victorian, and I’m proud of it.

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