Proud Victorian

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I’m Ronnie Singh, I’m Victorian and proud of it.

When I first came to Ballarat people were definitely welcoming, they have been from the time I’ve been here, the way they’ve offered me a job or the way they’ve offered me guidance or advice.

My second day in Ballarat, and I was at Mount Helen at the campus of the uni and I met this Aussie post/mail man and I said to him, ‘I’m looking to go back in the city after I’ve finished my appointment do you know how far the city is?’ He goes, ‘that’s about a 12km walk”, he goes, ‘why is that?’. I’m like ‘because once I’ve finished my meeting, I’ve got to walk back to the city’. When I was walking down, halfway through I see a car pull up,and that gentleman got out of the car and said ‘hey mate jump in the car, I’ll give you a ride. So that was my first impression of what this community actually means.

When people say, you know, ‘Australians, they just want people to have a go’, they actually mean that.

The Ballarat food scene’s changed heaps because there’s a lot of people migrating from different Asian countries and, you know, the Indian subcontinent. I see people eating my food and they come back and say they’ve really enjoyed eating it. It sort of makes me proud. If someone wants to develop and grow and really become a part of the community I think they really need to embrace it. We take our food truck to different places like different schools and community organisations and different events and you get to meet all sorts of people.

I’ve seen the community embrace me and I’ve embraced the community. I think belonging to a community like Ballarat would mean people you can trust, people you can rely on.

I met my wife at – we used to work together at a place called the Mid City Motel, she was kitchenhand at that stage and I was managing the bar. We’ve been married for four years, a little boy yeah, Luca, he’s growing around a good community and he’s seeing his mum and dad work and do what they love doing and follow their passions. The only thing I would want Luca to do is follow his passion whatever that is. Being Victorian means a lot because I met my wife here, I had my first child here, I started my passion here.

I’m really proud to be Victorian, yeah.

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