My name is Quintin, I am 21 and currently studying Agribusiness at TAFE. I am also training to become an adult leader in the scouting movement. I have been in scouts for ten years and I have seen how it can help grow children and youth to become leaders within the community and make the world a better place. I am a leader because I truly believe that Victoria’s youth of today are looking for meaning and community, these are found in scouts. To me, scouts has been a family. Personally, I suffer from Autism, and the scouting family has helped me to become more confident in myself and helped me to work with other people from all over the world. I have also seen how the global family of scouts can help someone who doesn’t have a family of their own, often, as a leader, we see youth come to scouts who might come from difficult backgrounds; broken families, drugs, alcohol, depression ext. and scouts is their only escape. It is such a beautiful thing to see a young person grow, and I’m proud to think that I can make a difference in their lives. I’m proud of my community, I’m proud to be Victorian.

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