Mining Operator

I’m a Palawa woman (Tasmanian Aboriginal decendant), born at the old Traralgon hospital in the late 1980’s. Growing up I have seen our little country towns grow significantly into mini cities. The challenges we face with little employment prospects, violence women and children suffer, and lack of support, services, and long waiting lists for any we do have. I love to help others and the community.

I’m an advocate for women and those who need me, to ensure our people are given a fair chance at being heard. I’m a regular plasma donor saving lives on my week off work, and have a passion for helping others any way I can. I’m involved in a local free store where we see those in need be given help without judgement. I’d love to see more done to help protect our people who have been done wrongly accused, or victims of horrible stuff from people who are meant to be high in our community.

We need to Stand as One, Unite as One to ensure fairness and help is given to those who need it, not to those who play the system. It’s good the community will benefit from better health outcomes, loosing the dirtiest coal station in the country, breathing less build up of coal dust in our houses. We all deserve to have good health outcomes and with improved services to our area I believe this can happen. Where Else But Latrobe Valley, Victoria 🙂 #CountryLivingThatsAffordable

We have so many places in Victoria, that are Unique to Us, support local companies and travel local. Hint: Mt Beauty is a real winner for beautiful places in Victoria in any season 🙂

Its Awesome to be a Victorian 🙂

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