Proud Victorian

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My name is Nihal Altintas and I’m a paediatric speech pathologist.

I work in early intervention so my aim in the school system or in the education system is to make sure that kids get support to reach their full potential.

My mum was born in Malta, she came to Australia with her family when she was 13, and my father the same, he came in 1971 he’s from Turkey. When I was 15 my parents decided to foster four children. My mum always wanted a large family and she couldn’t have any more after me so my parents wanted to provide back to kids who don’t have the same opportunities. It was the best decision that they’ve ever made, it was life changing for me I went from being an only child to being the eldest of five, overnight. I love them so much, they’re, I could not imagine them not being in my life.

I’ve worked with someone from a background where having a disability wasn’t acceptable, or wasn’t acknowledged. Working with the parents to realise, to help them realise that this child had additional needs and working towards – I suppose life skills more than academic skills, and guiding the parents through that – helping them choose the right school for their child. Where their child will reach their full potential. That was a huge success moment for me because this child went on to become, you know, a very confident adult.

I’m Nihal, I’m Victorian and proud of it.

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