Proud Victorian

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My name is Linny. I am a doctor at the Royal Children’s Hospital and outside of medicine I run a charity called The Water Well Project.

I work as an infectious diseases and microbiology trainee so I’m currently working within pediatrics but I’m learning about how to one day be an infectious diseases doctor.

My parents are Chinese-Vietnamese in origin and they came to Australia as refugees in the late 1970s. They were really lucky cause they met these two Australian families that essentially took them under their wing and showed them around Australia, you know, this is public transport, this is how to go to the shops, and this is where you buy these things and it was really lovely for them and we’re still in touch with them now.

So my parents, when they were growing up back in Vietnam weren’t afforded the opportunities that we have here in Australia. So my sisters and I were taught at a very young age to give back to society and to, essentially, get a great education and try and,I guess, learn as much as we could so that we could give back.

The Water Well Project is a not-for-profit organisation. We educate refugees and asylum seekers so that they’re empowered to take responsibility for their health. It’s been a really great opportunity to be able to go out into the community and make an impact. We have over 400 volunteers that volunteer with The Water Well Project, so you can tell that there’s that kind of generosity of spirit and people want to help which is fantastic.

It’s really important that we give people a fair go so that they can contribute within society and health is one big factor in how that happens. Victoria is an amazing state in that we are very multicultural. People get an appreciation for different cultures, different, different ethnicities, religions. I think it just enriches what our lives are like being amongst people of different backgrounds.

My name is Linny Phuong, I’m Victorian and proud of it.

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