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My name is Fida Masri. Both my parents were born in Beirut, Lebanon. Mum and Dad migrated here in the ’70s, the mid to late ’70s. There was a little bit of civil unrest in Lebanon at the time, and work wasn’t readily available and they decided that Melbourne would be the place to come.

I’m an advanced life support paramedic. We’re part of the Emergency Medical Response, so we respond to sick Victorians when they require some medical assistance. I think if we’re able to contribute, then we should.

It’s a way of showing that we’re grateful for the life that we’re living here and how fortunate we are. I go into high schools quite often and teach schoolkids about alcohol and drugs and ways to look after themselves and make sure that they’re safe.

I do CPR classes to lots of different members of the community. I think it’s important for people to realise that they’re valuable as well. You know, you don’t have to be a doctor or a nurse to be able to help somebody. Victoria’s my home.

It’s where I’ve grown up, it’s where my family are, it’s where my friends are, it’s where I work, it’s where I feel most comfortable.

It’s the place that welcomed my family when they came in the ’70s.

I’m Victorian and I’m proud of it.

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