Proud Victorian

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My name is Ez Elden Deng, I’m a film writer/director and also youth facilitator.

We arrived in Victoria, 2004, I was very excited, the next day my cousin is like hey let’s go to the park and then it was like a park and then a huge football field and do you know how many times I ran because it was free space?

You know there’s no one there to tell you what to do. Since that time I’m like alright cool I’m going to do the best thing that I can to make my mum proud, to make the whole entire country proud.

There’s a million ways you can give back, for instance every weekend I take one teenager, whether boy or girl and we just go around the city. I just teach them how to use the camera or we just hang out for a tea just sitting at the table just hear them out. That’s a contribution because you will change somebody’s life who literally later is going to do something positive for themselves and for the society.

Freedom for me is to inspire, to educate, to bring the positive energy out to the world.

Every Friday we run the soccer program here at Victoria University Footscray. It’s being funded by Youth Junction based at Visy Cares Hub in Sunshine. When some of the young people come here you see the smile on their faces and they’re kind of talking to each other, they just talk openly. This place is like a healing place. It makes us connect, this place gives you chances, it doesn’t reject anybody.

I wouldn’t live anywhere else because the opportunities that Victoria or the Victorians kind of gave me, are endless.

I’m Ez, I’m Victorian and I’m proud of it.

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