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My name’s Chris Cincotta, I’m a photographer from Melbourne and I run a Facebook page called Humans In Melbourne, and yeah I just love Melbourne.

My grandparents were both born on a little island called Salina, which is just north of Sicily.They both came here in the 1950’s on the boats looking for a better life, and funnily enough they’re from a tiny little island where they’d never met each other and they only met each other once they came to Melbourne and both my parents were born here after that.

I started photography in 2011, I had been travelling around the world for a long time and my mum said to me I know nothing about your life, so I said I’ll just take a photo every day for you and I’ll post it on Facebook and when I moved back to Melbourne, I said ‘ok, I’m going to take photos of the best city in the world and sell them on the streets of Melbourne’and that’s how I started.

I decided to start Humans in Melbourne because a lot of people when I was working on the street would come and sit with me and they’d just have a chat like we are, and they would often tell me stories about their lives which I thought more people needed to hear.

People who come and chat with me typically they have something they want to say, and I think I am quite approachable, so when they come up to me we tend to dig pretty deep and it tends to be that they’ll get a lot of support from that in return from the page, the page is very supportive.

I have a not-for-profit called EnruobleM, so it’s actually Melbourne spelt backwards, and through that we’ve given back in various ways.After the Bourke Street tragedy, myself and the buskers in Melbourne really wanted to give back as much as we could so we created a day that was dedicated the Bourke Street fund and we made a CD from that as well, and all the money – we raised $30,000 in 24 hours – it makes me proud that everybody came together at that time to really dig deep and help those people who had been affected by it.

We aren’t a massive city but we are such a great community.

I often refer to us as just this really big country town where everybody really does get along and try to wish the best for everybody and belonging to something like that I think is so important.

I’m Chris Cincotta. I’m Victorian and proud of it.

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