Afghani Restaurant Owner

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My name is Rahimi. I am Australian, Afghan background.

I was born in Afghanistan and living for the last 25 years in Melbourne. My children grown up here. All finish university. And I usually tell my kids, “Kids, you are lucky people. You live in a good country. You have to give a good shoulder to this land.”

In the meantime, running my business – Afghan Rahimi Restaurant in Dandenong.

The best part of Australia is Victoria, and especially, you know, the different cultures – made each other like a chain and made them like a family. As a food business, we are welcoming everybody.

Different nationality are coming here. It’s all about multiculturalism, you know? I had been taught when I was young to respect, live side by side, love your neighbour, love your country, love your people.

This is my country, this is my people. I love Australia. I love especially Victoria.

I’m Rahimi. I’m Victorian and proud of it.

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