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My name’s Anita Robi, and I am 34 years old.

And…I currently live in Elsternwick. Born and bred in Melbourne. My father is from West Africa in Mali, and my mother was born in New Zealand. She’s of Fijian descent. Amongst other things,

I am a personal trainer and a fitness consultant. I’ve recently completed my Bachelor of Education P-12, so I’m able to teach in primary schools and secondary schools. My first school was Clifton Hill Primary, and then I went to Armadale Primary School.

To be honest, I…..never really felt like I fitted in.

I always…..felt like I was different,and I was treated differently, except for one teacher – that was my PE teacher.

And he…..saw the light and could seethat athletically I was talented, and I had a gift. And I think at that age, all you want to do is be noticed and be acknowledged and feel like you’re a part of something, and he made me feel like I belonged in that PE classroom.

Whenever I played sport, or participated, that’s when I felt like I shone. (SIGHS) So…..I think within a classroom setting, contribution is about acknowledging the differences and creating something beautiful. I wanna be the teacher that gets to know students and what makes them unique, what makes everyone unique. I may not look like your average Victorian, but I am an average Victorian, and more so than ever, I feel like I belong in Victoria.

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