Proud Victorian

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I’m Angelo Sperlinga, this is 7 Chefs or Casa Della Pasta and we make pasta and fresh sauces.

Both parents arrived in 1956,both came by boat from Italy,they both came here looking,wanting a better life from Italy, in those days it was pretty depressing so not much work around.

We started this business in ’96,mum and dad worked in the business with my sister, Vivian,we started from the very basic ground roots,small shop in East Brunswick,and from there it just became and grew every year.

As a business when it was small,it was always family and I’ve tried to instil that along the way to make everyone really feel that they’re part of the family.

In the area of Fawkner, we’ve brought it up to thirty families and probably ten of them can walk here which is fantastic for us.

Everybody who works here contributes to the business so giving these people a fair go, or giving these people an opportunity to work in this business is very important for me.

One of my proudest workers is a guy called Tom who came to us hardly speaking any English, he’s now gone from a simple packing to our head production guy.We’ve seen him grow we’ve seen him enjoy the business we’ve treated him like family and he’s really developed as a person in our business.

The most important thing is be treated the way you want to be treated. So if you want a fair go make sure you give the employees a fair go.

Fair go’s a pretty important strong word because all the different cultures that we employ here, they’ve come from backgrounds where it’s tough in some of those areas. They’ve come in here and it’s a lot freer, and once we show them the respect, the love and we nurture them, they give you back that same respect, that sense of belonging.

I’m Angelo Sperlinga, I’m Victorian and proud of it.

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