Proud Victorian

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I’m Andrew Bamblett, I’m a peggy here at the Mernda rail project.

My job as a peggy is,I see it as pretty important because we keep the areas clean for the crews to come in for smoko and for lunch.

The Mernda Rail Project is an initiative from the government to add three extra stations out here from South Morang to Mernda.

Having part of something so big it makes me feel very proud.

I hadn’t worked for two years prior to this job, I was going through a bit of personal stuff I had a drug addiction it sort of changed me in the sense of yeah, I took myself away from being social and stuff.

I met my partner and she sort of gave me the ultimatum of it’s that or me, um yeah so I had to pull my head in. With the support of my family and my partner, got me through and I was lucky enough to be part of the GROW program. I had the opportunity to go and do the program for the Level Crossing Removal Authority gave me an extra boost and then that led on to the job.

It’s got me around new faces and a new crowd and it’s really good, like, in the sense of my growth as a person just to feel that I’m sort of giving back working and doing what I’m doing it has given me that sense of belonging,it’s like hope in living, really.

Victoria is very multicultural and I think it’s great to see so many different backgrounds coming together, you always look after the next person make sure that they’re alright.

I try and teach my kids to respect people, to treat others the way you’d want to be treated. I’m Andrew, I’m Victorian and I’m proud of it.

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