Fida is as proud of being Victorian as she is to be the first paramedic in Ambulance Victoria to wear the hijab.

Fida’s parents migrated to Australia in the 1970s, during the Lebanese War and a time of immense civil unrest across the Middle East.

Born and raised in Melbourne, Fida grew up in a Muslim family with her two brothers and two sisters.

Growing up in a Muslim family, Fida has always been religious, and is proud of the many religions that are celebrated across Victoria.

Alongside her work with Ambulance Victoria, Fida volunteers her time at schools and community centres to teach students, migrants and the elderly how to administer CPR.

To Fida, teaching first aid and CPR to the community can change and save lives by equipping people with important skills.

An instinctively empathetic person, Fida has always wanted a career that would give back to the community. With an inclination for science, the health sector seemed an ideal career path and Fida became a paramedic at the end of her university degree. 

Now a mother to a young son, Fida believes she is very lucky to live in Victoria where access to healthcare and education are assured.

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Page last updated: 17 October 2018