The Victorian Government’s Multicultural Policy Statement, Victorian. And proud of it. builds on the success of our immigrant past and will ensure that Victoria remains Australia’s proudest multicultural success story.Victoria has an enviable record of fostering a diverse, open and welcoming society – and the cultural and economic benefits that come with it.

Multiculturalism adds $1 billion to the Victorian economy every year through skills, innovation and productivity. International tourists visiting family and friends here in Victoria add another $1.2 billion a year.

The Victorian Government is determined to make sure that all Victorians can enjoy the social, cultural and economic benefits of a dynamic and diverse society.

This policy is our commitment to you to ensure we remain cohesive, and that every Victorian has the opportunity to be part of our state’s success.

The Multicultural Policy Statement includes the following initiatives designed to encourage, and give all Victorians the opportunity to contribute and belong:

  • $15 million to assist new arrivals to learn English and find a job.
  • $4 million Multicultural Sports Fund, so every Victorian has a chance to be a part of our sporting state.
  • An education program to ensure all Victorians are aware of their rights and responsibilities under the law.
  • Digital literacy and citizenship initiatives to help young people recognise when they are being manipulated online or confronted with online extremism.
  • Right to Debate initiatives to promote civil debate.
  • Recruit Smarter to reduce and prevent unconscious bias in the workplace.

Download the Multicultural Policy Statement and the brochure below for more information.

Download the Multicultural Policy StatementPDF (3mb)

Download English BrochurePDF (844kb)

Download Arabic BrochurePDF (141kb)

Download Chinese (Simplified) BrochurePDF (243kb)

Download Greek BrochurePDF (78kb)

Download Hindi BrochurePDF (310kb)

Download Italian BrochurePDF (200kb)

Download Punjabi BrochurePDF (291kb)

Download Tamil BrochurePDF (407kb)

Download Turkish BrochurePDF (68kb)

Download Vietnamese BrochurePDF (79kb)

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Page last updated: 25 November 2018